The Applicant

This is a page to describe my activities and academics at the time of being an applicant – of course, these have changed now, but these were my activties and stats when I applied and got admitted to medical school.

I’m happy to answer questions about any of my premed experiences! Message me over at the ‘contact’ page of this website.

  • BSc. in Microbiology & Immunology (with a minor in General Biology) with a cGPA of 3.9/4.0 (OMSAS GPA)
Main extracurriculars:
  • Middle/long-distance running
  • Intramural sports at university
  • Drumming
Relevant employment:
  • 400 hours as a Medical Laboratory Assistant (doing both in- and out-patient blood collection in a hospital setting)
  • 100 hours clinical in a rehabilitation facility for amputies, brain/spine injuries, arthritis, etc.
  • 20 hours of a youth-mentorship program, teaching Grade 8s the basics of medical science (CPR, anatomy, etc.)
  • Yearly fundraiser (4 years running) for the Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • 2 hours shadowing a physician in the Department of Hematopathology
  • 5.5 hours shadowing physicians in the Department of Anatomical Pathology (including a 3.5 hour autopsy)
  • 2 hours shadowing technologists in the department of Cardiology/Electrodiagnosis (opportunities for shadowing in Nova Scotia are available through the NSHA website)

My test practice scores

Tests were done timed and under test conditions unless marked otherwise:

  • Official AAMC Sample Test: 38/59, 40/53, 49/59, 51/59 [untimed]
  • AAMC Section Bank B/B: 74/100 [untimed]
  • AAMC Section Bank C/P: 82/100 [untimed]
  • AAMC Section Bank P/S: 79/100 [untimed]
  • TPR MCAT Review Test 1: 506 (125/127/127/127)
  • Kaplan FL1: 507 (126/127/128/126)
  • AAMC Official Guide Questions: 23/30, 26/30, 25/30, 26/30
  • AAMC QP Physics: (unscored) [untimed]
  • AAMC QP Chem: 104/120 [untimed]
  • AAMC QP CARS 1: 85/120
  • AAMC QP CARS 2: 97/120
  • TPR MCAT Review Test 2: 504 (123/128/126/127)
  • TPR FL1: 511 (126/126/129/130)
  • AAMC FL1: 516 (130/127/131/128)
  • AAMC FL2: 513 (129/125/131/128)
Score prediction (based on how I think I did after leaving the test centre):
  • 509 (126/126/130/127)
  • 519 (130/130/131/128)

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