Studying Tips

Turn your phone off and hide it while you’re studying
  • This is the big one. I see people who think they have good study habits but are checking social media, texts, and Reddit every 10 minutes. What you need to do is study for 1-2 hours, DISTRACTION FREE. Don’t check your phone, Facebook, Instagram, or ANYTHING during this time. Then, once you’ve got a solid chunk of distraction-free studying in, take a 15 minute break, and do all the texting etc. that you want. Please do not have the mindset of saying “oh I’ll just take 15s to reply to this text” or “I’ll just scroll through /r/MCAT for a few minutes, that’s kinda like studying”. Human attention doesn’t work like this – doing this takes away SO much more from your attention than you think by the time you’ve unfocused and then finally refocused etc.

Study at the library or study spaces at your school, NOT at home
  • Home has way too many distractions – even if you’re the kind of person that thinks they study well at home, the quality of studying you get done in a quiet space away from home is SO MUCH HIGHER.

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