Myself and a classmate of mine (Ziad) have produced a podcast called Pluripotent Premed, which we describe as “your audio guide for navigating and conquering the premed years”. We give a Canadian perspective on all topics related to the MCAT, med school interview, extracurriculars, and more.

We have also recently added a couple of new series to the catalogue. The ‘Alternative Background series’ invites current medical students who got into med from alternative backgrounds (e.g. arts, nursing, research, other careers) to give you a better idea of how the program works and what to expect. The ‘Medical School Spotlight’ series invites a current medical student from each of the 17 Canadian medical schools to come and join us for an episode to discuss the admissions requirements, curriculum, and student life at their medical school.

If any of this sounds like something that you’re interested in, please check us out on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and on podcasting platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, and most other major podcasting platforms).

Thanks for reading! We are really excited about this project and we hope to help as many people as possible. Please feel free to contact me here via my website, or on our Facebook page if you have any questions!


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