Planning the MCAT


 The folder contains the following documents:

  • File: Schedule.xls
    • My personal schedule, based on a little over 3 months of full time study, using KA as a primary resource. Here’s a summary:
    • ~2 months of content review, all Khan Academy (KA) following with Reddit-compiled notes and adding a bunch of my own notes. During this time I did daily CARS practice, and learned 4 amino acids per week (structure, abbreviation, & polarity)
      • All my notes can all be found under the Notes tab of the website.
      • Note: I didn’t review any B/B materials during my initial content review because I have a strong bio background. The only B/B content review I did was during the final month of my studies, where I interlaced it with practice tests, just filling in knowledge gaps where necessary.
    • Next, ~1 month of practice tests, usually in a 3-day cycle of 1 day of testing followed by 2 days of review
  • File: MCAT Condensed Topics List.docx
    • A digestible version of the MCAT topics list
  • File: Error log example.xls
    • It’s useful to have an error log so that you can review your mistakes and see where you are making your errors and what you need to improve on most (timing? skim reading? second-guessing?). I’ve included a snippet of my error log so you can see the kind of reviewing I did. Feel free to delete the contents and use the error log as a template for your own error log
  • File: Score predictor.xls
    • Plug in your scores from the AAMC practice materials and see where you stand
  • File: Activity log.XLS
    • A day-by-day breakdown of exactly what I did that day, with a commentary of how I felt about each test/resource/day etc.

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