MCAT Notes

Folder: MCAT notes based off of the khan academy videos
  • This folder contains the notes that allow you to follow along with the MCAT video playlists on Khan Academy (KA). The notes were made by a team effort of various Reddit users and myself.

Folder: Reference Sheets
  • This folder contains 100 ‘reference sheets’ or ‘cheat sheets’ that I mostly made from scratch. They are a focused breakdown of specific topics or formulas that are mid-to-high-yield on the MCAT. There are about 30 reference sheets each for B/B, C/P, and P/S sections, so check out the whole folder. I spent my last study day just going through almost all 100 and making sure I knew them inside and out. Below are direct links to a few of the sheets you’ll use most often, but be sure to check out the whole folder.
  • File: C/P (Chemistry) – AMINO ACID chart (annotated)
    • The holy document! Set this as your background, print it, do whatever you have to to memorize it! You should know the amino acids inside and out, including their structures, polar properties, which are glucogenic, how to calculate net charge, etc.
  • File: C/P (Chemistry) – Formulas
    • These are the ones that I personally had memorized and knew how to use. I’m not sure if any are missing, so please don’t treat these as ‘the only ones you need to know’. You’ll also encounter other formulas during your studies, and you should be familiar with how to use them.
  • File: C/P (Physics) – Formulas 1
    • Read description above.
  • File: C/P (Physics) – Formulas2
    • Read description above.
  • File: Math on the MCAT
    • A helpful sheet of formulas, tricks for mental math, etc. that I threw together.
  • File: Units on the MCAT
    • Here’s a little guide I made to help me remember how to convert between units etc.

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